Soar the Skies with Pilot Sports Coming October 4

Pilot Sports, the colorful cartoony arcade flight game from Wild River and Z-Software; lands on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on Thursday, Oct. 4 2018.

In Pilot Sports, Soar through the air on fun, fast-paced flights across more than 50 picturesque courses; while piloting a variety of aircrafts through different modes and challenges.

Pick one out of 8 characters to prove their flying prowess in exotic environments. The sunny, tropical island serves as a beautiful backdrop; for hobby pilots vying for the best possible times and perfect scores. A variety of disciplines, collectibles, and an unlockable explorer mode; offer reasons to seek out new vistas in this tropical paradise time and again.

Different types of aircrafts, including an airplane, jetpack, hang gliders, or a parachute, all come with their own attributes. Each of them controls and behaves differently with their own individual flight feel, creating new challenges to conquer. With four-player split-screen multiplayer, Pilot Sports promises wholesome entertainment for the next party or family get-together.

Pilot Sports

Key Features:

  • More than 50 courses
  • 8 playable characters
  • 7 different types of challenges
  • A variety of aircrafts ; (airplane, jetpack, two versions of hang gliders, parachutes)
  • Bonus unlockable discovery courses to explore the sunny island

The announcement trailer for Pilot Sports is available here: