Sky: a new game from the creators of Journey announced for iOS and Apple TV

thatgamecompany is well-known for the visually stunning social game Journey famous for its social gameplay and non-verbal communication between players. Sky will be the first game by the company to be released on a mobile platform.
Sky, according to thatgamecompany, is created for families and friends to enjoy together. This was apparently in response to feedback the company received from those who enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of Journey.
From looking at the trailer, there will be some familiar gliding and red capes for those who have played Journey previously. The aesthetics and music are expectedly cinematic.
Fortunately, thatgamecompany also released a Q&A for fans to get to know more about the development of the game before it’s released. Jenova Chen from thatgamecompany explains his previous blog post about a game that is all about giving and explains that Sky will be focused on that and the emotional journey that they want players to experience.
The company’s goal with bringing the game to the mobile platform is to make it accessible to more people, unlike the previous games which have been PlayStation exclusives. With more access, they expect more people to play together and love the experience of gaming.
Check out the Q&A with Jenova Chen below:

You can also check out the trailer here:

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