Fortnite adds Skull Trooper back to stores!

Skull Trooper returns?

With the new update and patch releases for Fortnite, Patch 6.02 introduces an elusive skin met with controversies.
The update introduces a new in-game “Message of the Day” Card was updated while Fortnite experienced its downtime to roll out the patch. The newest MotD Card has revealed The ‘Skull Squad’ gear is now available in the item shop.
The Skull Squad Gear includes the Infamous “Skull Trooper” as well as the “Skull Ranger” Skin.
The Skull Trooper skin has become a symbol of Fortnite dedicated and old players who signed up in the early days and “before it became mainstream”
The Skull Ranger skin is acting as the female counterpart to the original skin. The Skull Squad Gear set will include;

  • Skull Sickle (Pickaxe)
  • Crypt Cruiser (Glider)
  • Skull Trooper (Skin)
  • Skull Ranger (Skin)

The card describes it as “Skull Squad Gear available now! Complete challenges to earn the Ghost Portal Back Bling.”
The previously leaked Ghost Portal back bling will be also unlockable through challenges that are currently live.