Seven Network takes a crack at esports, partnering with LetsPlay.Live

Fancy watching a bit of esports on the telly?

It’s not the first time the Seven Network has had a crack at gaming/esports television, though, the less said about that the better. However, deciding to take another go, and this time going to the experts in the ANZ field, LetsPlay.Live, 7mate is set to air an entire season’s worth of esports content straight to our TV’s.

This comes off the back of LPL’s incredibly successful Rocket League Oceanic Championship broadcast on 7mate at the end of 2019. So they already have a proven track record in Australia, as well as their successful history in New Zealand.

The show is set to air weekly through 2020, kicking off with Rainbow Six: Siege, with plans to air from 12am, Thursday 12th of March and going for 8 weeks. The show will have a bunch of top R6 teams battling it out for a cut of the season’s $5,000 prize pool, and no doubt if it’s successful we’ll see bigger seasons, bigger prizes and bigger names jumping on board.

LPL has said they also have plans to broadcast other esports on 7mate, including titles such as Dota 2 and Rocket League later in the year.

Duane Mutu, founder and managing director of LetsPlay.Live, issued the following statement:

“LPL is extremely excited to see esports elevated this year through televised broadcasts in Australia. By offering Australian esports fans more content to watch on their preferred platform with support from Seven Network, we can begin to promote broadcast talent and players within the mainstream. By providing both fans and the general public with more free-to-air esports content, LPL can support the growth of the esports ecosystem within our region.”

Clearly this means there are exciting times ahead! For more information on broadcasts, check out the LetsPlay.Live website.

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