Fortnite Season 6 – Darkness Rises! All you need to know!!


One of my personal favourites that have come out of the Season 6 updates are the pets!
The pets won’t be able to fight with you, but if you are a fan of cosmetics like I am, you’ll still be happy with them.
There are 3 different pets that are all unlocked through progression of the Battle Pass.
Some of the pets in the Season 6 Battle Pass

Shadow Stones!

Shadow stones are new consumables that can be found around the map. They can be used in the exact same way as the Anti-Gravity Crystals.
The Shadow stones instantly transform you into Shadow Form and you gain a whole lot of abilities. You are not able to use weapons, but you are invisible while standing still, run faster, jump higher and take 0 fall damage. Using your fire button, you will launch forward and through any objects.
The stones take up an inventory space.
Image result for Shadow stones fortnite

Map Changes!

New Locations;

  • Floating Island
  • Corrupted Areas
  • Corn Fields
  • Haunted Castle

Loot Lake;

Biggest change out of every part of the map. The main island is now floating with a whirlpool beneath it. 

Wailing Woods;

New lodges have been added, as well as a huge bunker underneath the centre of the maze.

Corrupted Areas;

All previous rune locations are now corrupted land. You can find the new Shadow stones here.

Fatal Fields;

Head-high corn!

Haunted Castle;

Haunted Hills has been updated with a new Castle on top of the hill! 

Hero & Villain bases;

The hero and villain bases are now decaying.

Vaulted Weapons!

  • Impulse Grenades
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Bouncer
  • Remote Explosives

Season 6 Umbrella!

Battle pass!