Fortnite Season 6 Leaks, Thoughts and predictions.

Customizable Llama skin?

Recently Fortnite released on Twitter their first teaser for Fortnite Season 6. 

The Tweet posted today was just an image with “All great parties need a DJ. 3 days to Season 6”

What does the image tell us about Fortnite Season 6?

The image looks to be a new Llama skin that is inside the Cube that has dissolved at Loot Lake. Looking at previous pictures Epic has tweeted on their official Twitter, we can see similarities between the Season 5 teaser and the Season 6 teaser.

Comparison 2 seasons

After the season 5 teaser, it was accurately predicted the mask would be apart of a skin or be customizable. People are now predicting that the Season 6 leak, the “Dj/Party Llama” will be one of the new Battle Pass skins. Some are also predicting the headphones will be the customizable part of the season.

Another prediction that has been made it “Fortnite going evil”

Image result for brite bomber cubeOn this teaser for the Cube, we can see a somewhat evil version of the Brite Bomber inside the Cube. As the Cube dissolved into the water of Loot Lake, it turned the water purple.

Could we be seeing the purple water spread and the map turn into an Evil Mirror Universe of the Fortnite we love? Maybe the loot lake will be some sort of Portal to the universe.

Map Changes

With every recent season, we see a slight change in the map. I am predicting that the Loot Lake water will remain the Purple colour for the entirety of the Season and the water will spread slowly throughout the map.

Much like the Crystal’s introduces last season with the Season 5 Superhero theme, I assume the water will activate some sort of ability or trigger an event in the game.

The Volcano is also a leak that is looking pretty believable at the moment.

When will Season 6 be released?

Season 6 will be starting on the 1 Year anniversary for the launch of Battle Royale, September 27th.

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