Runescape: Solak updates, slayer helm updates and Menaphos birthday

Runescape 3 is still alive and well, mostly due to the never-dying player base but also due to the amazing efforts of the mods and staff who constantly update the game based on player feedback.
This weeks update sees come awesome improvements, not only the ones in the video linked below. There are plenty more updates and patches on the forums (also linked below)

1: Cursed ushabti

1 - Runescape
A cursed ushabti can be created by combining cursed Amascut sand to a regular ushabti, providing a +50% catch chance. Cursed Amascut sand is dropped by Ripper demons, Living wyverns, Camel warriors, and Acheron mammoths.

2: Godwars soulstones

2 - Runescape
It is now possible to combine all 4 godwars soulstones near the altar east of the rope exit within the God Wars dungeon to create an omni soulstone which can store all God Wars boss kill counts.

3: Solak updates

3 - Runescape
An option to exit the arena before the fight has started has been added to Solak.

4: Corrupt slayer helmet

4 - Runescape
The corrupt slayer helmet will now provide a 5% bonus chance to catching souls and has the option to view the slayer codex.

5: More Solak updates

5 - Runescape
Solak will no longer attempt to insta-kill players who have left a previous Solak fight and entered a fresh battle.

6: Menaphos reputation

6 - Runescape
Menaphos reputation can now be gained at an increased rate based on completion of various quests:
Jack of Spades: 1.25x
Crocodile Tears: 1.5x
Our Man in the North: 1.75x
‘Phite Club: 2x

There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above if you would like to read more head to,16,61,66017242
Use the quick find code: 15-16-61-66017247

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