Runescape updates: A new boss is coming. Let’s get prepared!

Runescape 3 is still alive and well. Mostly due to the never-dying player base but also due to the amazing efforts of the mods and staff who constantly update the game based on player feedback.
This weeks update sees come awesome improvements, not only the ones in the video linked below. There are plenty more updates and patches on the forums (also linked below)
1 - Runescape Patch Notes

1: Sealed clue scrolls

Sealed clue scroll objects can now be distributed through lootshare, with respect to each players’ individual clue scroll soft cap.
2 - Runescape Patch Notes

2: Jewellery recharge

Recharging your jewellery at the legends guild totem pole while having charged combat bracelet or skills necklace will no longer revert them back to uncharged versions.
3 - Runescape Patch Notes

3: Tutorial Island

New players will now go to Tutorial Island by default instead of Ashdale if they select the New or Returner option at character creation. New players that elect to skip the Tutorial will still go to Burthorpe.
4 - Runescape Patch Notes

4: Shattered Worlds checkpoint

Slightly tweaked the message given when attempting to open the chest at a Shattered Worlds checkpoint.
5 - Runescape Patch Notes

5: Familiar Overrides

The Tiny Death, Twitching Orb, Anima Creature, and Abyssal Hound familiar overrides now all output their usual examine text when overriding familiars.
6 - Runescape Patch Notes

6: Blight Bolts

In preparation for Solak’s release at the end of the month: blight bolts have been added to the drop tables of the Lost Grove creatures. Blight bolts will be the ammo used in the new tier 92 blightbound crossbow.

YouTube video from Runescape

There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above if you would like to read more head to,16,864,66012087
Use the quick find code: 15-16-864-66012087