Runescape Updates – Lunar spells, pets and grappling hooks

A new set of patches is released weekly across Runescape 3. It is amazing how much Jagex keep up with updates across new and old school Runescape.
Let’s jump in and see exactly what updates they have made this week.

1: Spin Flax

A new Lunar spell “Spin Flax” has been added with a 81 Magic requirement after the completion of the Dream Mentor quest.
Runescape Patch Notes #213

2: Recolour Bombi boss pet

The Bombi boss pet familiar override can now be recoloured, this is done by right-clicking the pet in the pets interface and selecting the ‘Recolour’ option.
Runescape Patch Notes #213

3: Permanent grappling hook

A permanent grappling hook can now be made with a Mithril crossbow, 5 Mithril bars, and a Mithril grapple. This can be added to the toolbelt.
Runescape Patch Notes #213

4: Opening the Menaphos Soul Altar

You may now use a soul talisman, soul tiara, omni-talisman, omni-talisman staff, soul talisman staff or the wicked hood (if you’ve unlocked the soul altar on it) to open the fountain to access the Soul Altar beneath Menaphos.
Runescape Patch Notes #213

5: Familiar overrides

Ahrim, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag and Verac the bobbled pets now act as familiar overrides.
Runescape Patch Notes #213

6: New boss health bars

King Black Dragon and Giant Mole now have boss health bars during their encounters. The Giant Mole health bar will display after its tutorial is completed.
Runescape Patch Notes #213
There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above if you would like to read more head to,16,804,66002477
Use the quick find code: 15-16-804-66002477