Runescape Patch Notes, Combat pets and VIP club oh my!


A new set of patches is released weekly across Runescape 3. It is amazing how much Jagex keep up with updates across new and old school Runescape.

Let’s jump in and see exactly what updates they have made this week.
1: The Skeletal Horror has now packed up his disco, leaving the environment behind him consistently lit.
skeletal horror
2: Regenerate is no longer triggered by Revolution.
3: The Dungeoneering map will now correctly save in the third interface layout preset. Note: You’ll need to save a new preset over preset 3 to fix the issue.
4: Fixed an issue which prevented quick chat from working on quick chat worlds.
5: The Sunspear item charge tooltip now accurately updates.
6: Using the Borrowed Power wish from Pauline will no longer disconnect the player if using the wrong spellbook.
There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above, if you would like to read more head to:,16,204,65967223

Use the quick find code: 15-16-240-65967223
Skill pets have been around for a little while now and Runescape has only just released pets for all combat stats.
They even have a boxing kangaroo! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OI, OI, OI!!
“These pets are available to all players with the ability to train their respective skills. And, while there’s no lower limit, your likelihood of rolling a combat pet will increase as your skill level increases.” – Runescape
combat pets
All skill pets are as below:

Sifu – Attack pet
Kangali – Strength pet
Sparky – Ranged pet
Newton – Magic pet
Wallace – Defence pet
Morty – Constitution pet
Ghostly – Prayer pet
Shamani – Summoning pet

The premier club vault is back again. All info will be released on Friday (24th we believe), up to twelve months membership at Runescape’s lowest price is up for grabs again we well as a new D&D. The new D&D will give you the chance to win some awesome rewards – the bigger the chest, the better the prize.
From 12pm UTC (game time) on the 24th November through until 12pm UTC on the 27th Runescape, the WHOLE game is free to EVERYONE. If you have some homies you used to grind with there is no better time to get them back into Runescape.
Remember this: You can never really quit runescape, you will always find your way back.
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