RuneScape Patch Notes #227

Runescape 3 is still alive and well, mostly due to the never-dying player base but also due to the amazing efforts of the mods and staff who constantly update the game based on player feedback.

This weeks update sees come awesome improvements, not only the ones in the video linked below. There are plenty more updates and patches on the forums (also linked below)

Divination memories colour correction

Divination memories have been re-coloured to match their wisp equivalent.

Bladed dive removed

Bladed dive can no longer be used whilst in the Castle Wars waiting area, to prevent people diving as a sheep.

Temple of Aminishi changes

Using Tier 92 armour will no longer degrade it or use charge while inside the Temple of Aminishi.

Cursed ushabti

Cursed ushabti is now valued at a minimum of 1M to ensure it protects over much lower valued items on death.

Agility arena rewards interface

The Agility arena rewards interface now uses the standard shop interface with a wider range of purchase options.

Avatar Rework

For the short term while we wait for the Avatar Rework we’ve increased the resource buff that a Clan Avatar attuned with the skill plot bonus can give you (previously 10% now 100%).

YouTube video from Runescape:
There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above if you would like to read more head to:,16,242,66025183
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