Rumu is a visually stunning puzzle game you need to play

Rumu is a beautiful, single player indie narrative-driven adventure game about a robot vacuum cleaner starting to become self-aware.
You are Rumu – a robot designed to clean and to love in a fully automated Smart Home.

The main story of Rumu

Sabrina the house AI, dysfunctional semi-intelligent devices, and a cat named Ada, are your only companions in the house. Your job is to keep the home spotless and clean up after your slightly peculiar creators, David and Cecily.
Rumu screenshot

The puzzle aspect of Rumu

You’ll find that after being distracted from your maintenance duties, you’ll be given a set of puzzling moral dilemmas. As you enter the hidden passageways of the house, you slowly uncover the truth about the love and loss of your elusive family.
Rumu screenshot
Robot House is the Australian indie team that developed Rumu. Robot House has developed Rumu to be a heart-wrenching point and click puzzles leading Rumu down forgotten paths of cosy isometric dollhouse environments while interacting with other appliances throughout the levels.
Rumu will be available on Wednesday, 13th of December (AEDT) through Steam.

Watch the Rumu trailer