Seller of RUINER Limited Edition Collector’s edition hit with DDoS attack

Were you hoping to get your hands on the latest RUINER Limited Edition game? Well, if you were trying to buy it off the seller Special Reserve Games, you may be surprised to find you can’t… for now.

Let me just buy that new awesome RUINER Limited Edition…

So, you were trying to get your hands on that new RUINER Limited Collector’s Edition game that was just announced. Oh boy, would you have been surprised to see the Special Reserve Games page then!
If you head to any iteration of their website right now, you’ll be greeted with the image above. Yes, that means the direct link to the RUINER page ( the main homepage ( are down.
Even the page title and favicon are nowhere to be seen ????
Special Reserve Games DDoS attack - RUINER Sale

So, what exactly happened?

Well, none of us are the web admins for the site or Special Reserve Games employees. Unless, of course, you are one of the previous then a very special hello to you!
Well, if you click on the homepage to the ‘more details’ section, this is how Special Reserve Games begin to break it down:
Special Reserve Games DDoS attack - RUINER Sale

What are the facts of the whole thing?

The rest of the ‘details’ page is an extended FAQ section which I’ll simplify for you here:

  • Special Reserve Games was hit with a Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack (Wikipedia)
  • Special Reserve Games was not hacked
  • No customer accounts or personal details were compromised
  • The site didn’t crash the site because of unexpected fan traffic
  • No orders were completed or fulfilled

So, when can I buy the game?

Technically, now. While Special Reserve Games were the ones to release/publish the game, they have excellent buddies over at Limited Run Games who are selling the game over here:
Unfortunately, by the looks of the website, they don’t have any games left ????
Special Reserve Games DDoS attack - RUINER Sale

How long until Special Reserve Games starts selling RUINER Limited Collector’s Edition?

They’re currently working on rescheduling the sale. For now, they’ve confirmed that it won’t be this week. They’ll announce the date as soon as they know. So, keep an eye on their website and social channels.