RTX Sydney: Day 1 – Panels, games and booths galore

RTX has come down under this year again! RTX Sydney is on at the International Convention Centre in the Sydney CBD. Here’s a wrap-up of Day 1.
Last November, we shared all the details of RTX Sydney — opening times, location, lineup. But, if you weren’t able to make it, we’ve wrapped up some highlights and other interesting things from Day 1.

On the way into the International Convention Centre (ICC)

So, it doesn’t look like it on your way up to the event but it’s clear something is going on. As you walk closer, you’ll start to see the groups of people wearing Rooster Teeth merchandise and cosplayers.
Once you’ve gotten your pass and you’re in, you’ll find the floor is just buzzing. Here’s a shot of about 75% of the floor from the level up:


If you’re keen on a shopping spree then there are plenty of booths for you to peruse. Personally, I grabbed myself a tee from Tee Turtle (FYI: They take cash or credit card!). But, you can get your hands on:

  • Rooster Teeth merch at their store
  • Swords/props for cosplay
  • Artwork and prints
  • Gaming hardware and accessories

The full list of exhibitors is on the RTX Sydney app as well (iOS | Android) — the app will let you search for a specific booth as well as show you were on the floor they are:
RTX Sydney App

Cosplay and cool things

Okay, this isn’t a cosplay but it definitely a cool thing:

Panels/Gaming Stage

It’s hard to pick between either stage since there’s something happening at both at the same time. Earlier today, we had Achievement Hunter against Funhaus in an Overwatch match. We also had some of the Funhaus team along with Barbera hosting a few rounds of Google Trends. Yogscast also sent a contingent to this year’s RTX Sydney to answer some lovely questions from their fans.

Day 2 coming up

Of course, RTX Sydney is a 2-day event so keep an eye out for more from! We’ll have more cool stuff making its way to you soon ????