RotMG – Valentine’s Day Events!

Don’t have a significant other to go out with on Valentines Day? Don’t fret, Deca has it all planned for us. Enjoy the new RotMG Events and reworks instead! Today, on Reddit, Deca released their newest events and plans for the week, from the 12th – 19th! (13th – 20th for the other side of the world)

Belladonna Event & Encounter!

As with every Valentines Day events, we have the Belladonna event to enjoy, except with a twist! Not only do we get to enjoy the dungeon but we also have a realm encounter to battle with that will spawn the Belladonnas portal! The Valentine’s Heart Encounter will spawn twice per realm: Once when you defeat all Red Demons, and a second time after you defeat all Ghost Kings.

Stat changes have also been made to the Valentines items associated with the Valentines Day event. That includes the:

Belladonna Rework!

Belladonna’s Garden has thankfully been revisited and revised! The battle will be bigger, the arena is brand new, the art direction has been expanded and improved, and Belladonna will be a whole lot more dangerous, so no more standing around like we used to!

The key has also changed to match the new arena!

Valentine’s Quests!

As always, we get a tonne of new quests that we can get, the Valentines Mystery Item drops a random item from the Valentine’s Day Archer Set!
Quest Name Requirement/s Reward Type
Struck by Love Love Letter x20 Heartstruck Bow Once per account
Dazed by Love Love Letter x40 Quiver of Dazing Love Once per account
Snatched for Love Love Letter x20 Cupid’s Garments Once per account
Unbound Love Love Letter x20 Ring of Unbound Love Once per account
Mystery Valentine Love Letter x40 Valentine’s Mystery Item Daily

New UT’s!

We also get new Ninja and Necro sts! The two gems are hearts that can be worn as a ring on any class!

The Gem of Tenderness drops from Ice Cave and Ocean Trench and the Gem of Adoration drops from Haunted Cemetery and Cursed Library!

I’m so keen to get into grinding the new events to get the UT’s and events! Check out the list of dungeon events in this new post or on the Reddit!

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