Patch 32.5.0 + New Sets and Upcoming Events!

Its time for a new Realm of the Mad God update as well as brand new ST’s and events to finish off January!

New ST Sets Drop’s locations

Starting Wednesday (January 15th), the new Warrior, Priest and Huntress sets will drop in-game and you will be able to get them, or at least try to get, from the enemies you can see in the list below!

Pirate King Warrior Set:

Mad God’s Messenger Priest Set:

Horticultural Huntress Set:

Additionally, after the release, the Mystery ST Chest and the Mystery ST Skin items will start dropping the new Warrior, Priest and Huntress ST items and mini skins. The old ST sets (Dragon Tamer Warrior, Priest of Geb and Swarming Huntress sets) will be removed from both items.

Davy Jones (x1.5 Loot and x1.5 EXP)
  • The event will run from 15/01 – 12 PM UTC until 18/01 – 12:00 PM UTC.

Deadwater Docks (x1.5 Loot and x1.5 EXP)
  • The event will run from 17/01 – 12 PM UTC until 20/01 – 12:00 PM UTC.

The events above are just a part of the series of Dungeons where you can get the brand new sets!

Janus Chest Event!

  • The event will run from 16/01 – 12 PM UTC until 20/01 – 12:00 PM UTC. To defeat the chest you just need to work together to kill Janus!

Janus the Doorwarden Drops:

  • Ancient Stone Sword

  • Angelic Drake Pet Skin

  • Anointed Robe

  • Backpack

  • Battle Nexus Key

  • Ceremonial Merlot

  • Demonic Drake Pet Skin

  • Grapes of Wrath

  • Holy Guide Priest Skin

  • Loot Drop Potion

  • Loot Tier Potion

  • Lucky Clover

  • Mystery Cloth (Large)

  • Mystery Cloth (Small)

  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)

  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)

  • Mystery Stat Pot

  • Potion of Defense (SB)

  • Potion of Max Level

  • Power Pizza

  • Ring of Pagan Favor

  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1 (Guaranteed)

  • Spiteful Scutum

  • Superburger

  • Theurgy Wand

  • Warrior Mystery Skin

  • Wine Cellar Incantation

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