Rivals of Ixalan MTG Deck Tech

YARRR me hearties, sail the seas of Ixalan for fame and treasures, conquer yer Rivals of Ixalan and become the most feared at ye Friday Night Magic tournament with this ere Revel Combo deck, ARRRRGH! This deck should be cheap enough (under $150 USD) for you to pick up for your standard and FNM tournaments.


This is more of a fun casual Standard legal combo deck, it probably won’t win you any major events, but it’s a fun deck to play at Friday Night Magic or a Store Championship event. Revel in Riches is the win condition, allowing you to straight up win the game if you have ten or more treasures in play with Revel during your upkeep.
Below is the deck list and a video if you’re feeling too lazy!

Deck List

Image from MTG Goldfish Visual Deckbuilder.

Card Spotlight

Tezzeret the Schemer

Kills creatures of almost any size and creates a free mana, good old Tezz. He didn’t really find a good place in Standard like I thought he would have.

Kitesail Freebooter

Sure she will die fairly easily, but she can be a clutch to disrupt your opponent’s hand and removal either a counterspell or enchantment destruction to ensure you can get your enchantments down.

Treasure Map

not only allows us to Scry, but once three counters go on it flips and gives you three MORE treasures!

Bontu’s Last Reckoning/Fatal Push Vraska’s Contempt

Bontu’s Last Reckoning helps us wipe the board so we can deal with multiple threats, though it does effectively steal a turn from us. Vraska’s Contempt lets us exile those hard to kill Gods and bigger threats where as Fatal Push kills anything of four or less for just one mana thanks to Treasure tokens.

Revel in Riches

Revel is THE card that makes you win. Two copies should technically be enough in the deck for you to win off it. The bonus to Revel is that if or when you kill an opponent’s creature, it creates a treasure token, this is especially good if you destroy an entire board.

Brass’s Bounty

The MVP in our deck, you can hold off and play this in the late game and usually you will net a full seven or MORE treasure. Then you can just Revel in those Riches. you see what I did there.

Censor/Supreme Will

Both Censor and supreme Will allow us to either counter early game threats, or draw us cards. These versatile spells are fairly amazing and can also help up push our combo cards through to the board.

Sunbird’s Invocation

Invocation is here here mostly for the LOLs. It gives you free spells a lot of the time and you might even be lucky enough to cast Brass’s Bounty into another of the game ending cards like Revel in Riches.

Search for Azcanta

Search not only allows you to filter your deck, but later it also allows you to dig for anything you need, even a Planeswalker like Tezzeret! This is a great late game card and it’s nice to be able to choose what cards to trigger Invocation with.
That’s all from me today, got any super sick JANKY brews you’re working on for Standard? Why not add me on Twitter and let me know! -Chesh