Fortnite puts one of the rarest skins back into stores, the Red Knight

Fortnite announced that they will be re-releasing one of their rarest skins, the Red Knight.

What will the Red Knight come with?

The Red Knight skin will be released tomorrow, July 6th, in the Fortnite store. The Red Knight will be 2000 V-Bucks which is somewhere around $35AUD. The Pickaxe that the Red Knight is holding will most likely not be put into the shop as its a tier 35 battle pass skin during Season 2, but it will come with the back bling. Instead of the Pickaxe that is shown in the picture, we will see a new pickaxe, the Crimson Axe;

Community Reactions

The announcement of the re-release has the Fortnite community completely divided. People who have already owned the skin are in complete disbelief at why Epic would cycle a skin as rare as this one, however, the other half (mostly people who don’t own the skin) are celebrating to get their hands on a highly anticipated skin!
The community has mostly spoken out through replies on their Twitter post, with comments such as these plaguing the post;