Realm of the Mad God Patch X.24.0.0! Spring Update!

Deca Games has released their newest patch, X.24.0.0: Magic Woods for Realm of the Mad God. The Magic Woods patch has had some updated sprites, adjusted prices, as well as adding in their newest dungeon,  the Magic Woods.

Magic Woods

The Magic Woods dungeon is a low-mid level dungeon and will be a rare drop from the Ent Gods and Ent Ancients. The boss drops a potion of dexterity/speed as well as the new Mystic UT Set.
The Mystic UT set will drop from both Cyan bags and White bags. The staff and orb will drop from the White bag whereas the robe and the ring will both drop from the Cyan Bag.

Easter Event

The Main Event for the holidays will be the Easter Egg Hunt which will run from March 29th – April 12th. When walking around any realm you have a chance of finding an egg basket, destroying these baskets has a chance of dropping a Magic Egg in a golden bag. By collecting these Magic Egg’s you will be able to trade them in for Golden Egg’s which collecting stacks of the Golden Egg’s will allow you to trade them in for Reskin White’s.
Easter Event Rundown


April Weekly Quests will run from April 3 – 30. This event brings back the ORYX April Shards. You will be able to collect the ORYX shards from the Login Calendar and Chest Events. You will be able to exchange the shards for O, R, Y and X letter tokens. When you have collected all 4 you will be able to exchange the letter tokens. Your reward will be an exclusive Penguin Warrior skin!
Chest Events. We will see 2 chest events running each week throughout April. Here is the official calendar for the chest events;


The friend’s list has had a long-awaited rework for its usability, performance and a new look!
A new quest type has been implemented, “One per account”


The Feed Power value for all Character and Pet skins will be revised soon for consistency and to avoid unnecessary discrepancies. All soulbound skins will be worth 2000FP while tradable skins will be for 500FP.  The same goes for pet skins, so if you are holding any skins to feed to your pets, start feeding them now!
A few keys have had their price changed. After a bit of backlash from the community after Deca upped the price of every key, they have reverted these changes, but have kept The Hive and The Lost Halls prices lowered.
For the full official reddit post, check it out here;

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