Tactical online multiplayer game RAM Pressure launching Q1 2019

RAM Pressure, the intense third-person multiplayer tactical game from Russian studios GDT and QuadCom, will be heading to Steam in Q1 2019.

Combining the turn-based combat of X-COM with a deep, well-grounded sci-fi setting, RAM Pressure will feature a massive selection of weapons, classes, and skills in heated gun battles across the globe.


In the near future, Earth is hit by an unusual meteorite swarm: the remains of alien fleets decimated by an ancient galactic war. To avoid widespread panic, world governments hide the truth from the population by sending elite mercenary squads to crash sites – gaining access to the alien technology before anyone else can do the same. As leaders of competing paramilitary organizations, players have to successfully scout, secure, and deliver the weapons and intel found in each alien crash site to paying governments indifferent to loss of life. In time – while performing extremely dangerous incursions for alien artifacts – players begin to lift the veil behind government conspiracies and state-sponsored attempts to use alien technology to control the world’s population. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as “first contact” goes: Humanity faces a much more serious threat that could lead to the total eradication of mankind.
In RAM Pressure, players will engage in pitched battles against other units as well hostile intelligence services. The goal? Establish contact with any surviving alien beings and uncover the factors that led to the extinction of their civilization. To succeed, players will need to equip and customize their soldiers to make them a well oiled, effective fighting force … eventually gaining knowledge of secrets literally beyond imagination.

“Working on RAM Pressure along with QuadCom has been a blast. We’re all major fans of the X-COM franchise; along with tactical games and hard science fiction;  RAM Pressure gives us an opportunity to break some rules and take the genre into a new direction.”

said Andrey Sharapov (Business Development Director / General Producer, GDT)

“As we completed work on the first prototype with GDT; the gameplay was already firing on all cylinders; but our teams wanted more. Our goal is to deliver a deep sci-fi narrative told; through both single-player and multiplayer story missions – and I think we’re achieving that.”

Said Nikolay Sitnikov (Founder, QuadCom Interactive)


  • Experience intense tactical online multiplayer action across hotspots all over the world.
  • Explore a deep plot and unique storyline built on both single-player and multiplayer missions.
  • Upgrade your weapons and armor from a massive selection of 100 guns and 10 weapon classes; including high-tech and alien weapons.
  • Customize your characters with 12 classes and 160 skills.
  • Lay waste to the environment – for tactical purposes, of course!
  • Enjoy procedurally-generated maps and day/night missions – along with changing weather conditions.
  • Join clans and operate within a complex alliance system.


Pre-orders are open on the game’s website. Steam users can wishlist RAM Pressure ahead of its Q1 2019 Early Access launch. The game will support both Windows and Mac. Steam link