Rainbow Jam Returns for its Fourth Year

Rainbow Jam returns for its fourth year after three previous and incredibly successful outings. One of the biggest and the best game jams dedicated to exploring topics of gender, sexuality, identity, pride, being yourself, protests, love and so much more!
This jam is open to everyone, not just LGBTQ+ individuals, meaning everyone can come on board, make a game and enjoy the creation process, make new friends, and participate in something important.

The jam itself will run from August 23rd to September 8th, making sure people have plenty of time to balance jamming with their day to day lives, as well as a policy allowing entries to be a little bit late if they need to be. The jam also partners with queer crusaders (qrusaders?), Queerly Represent Me.
Rainbow Jam is open to people of all skill levels, even those who have never before made a game. You can sign up right now on their page! Or for more information and to see examples of previous jams, check out their website!