Steam Queer Games Bundle 2 Features Diverse Perspectives

Queer Games Bundle 2, bringing together nine games featuring poignant female; LGBTQ+ and people of color perspectives, is now available on Steam. Organized by inclusive and diversity-focused game developer MidBoss; the bundle provides the games at a permanent discount and is on sale for a further 50% off until 30 Nov.
Heed the call of a sapient robot to solve a cyberpunk kidnapping in MidBoss’ own point and click adventure 2064: Read Only Memories. Discover intimate secrets hidden on strangers’ missing phones in the mystery two-pack; of A Normal Lost Phone / Another Lost Phone from Accidental Queens. Survive a macabre world created by the memories a lover in Enola; a horror game by The Domaginarium and Black Shell Media.
Balance the forces of Light and Dark in narrative action platformer Even the Ocean from Sean Han Tani and Joni Kittaka. Create a character of any gender and date a wide variety of characters in LongStory, an adventure based on real life stories by Bloom Digital Media. Sail the high seas, seek treasure and find love including many LGBTQ options in FoxWright Productions’ Interactive’s choose-your-own-adventure The Pirate’s Fate.
Explore gender identity through the eyes of a closeted transgender teenager during the year 1999 in Secret Little Haven from Hummingwarp Interactive. Voyage on a merchant ship and deal with issues of race, culture and colonialism in Wispfire’s historical adventure Herald: An Interactive Period Drama.

“This is a strong mix of some of the most prominent queer games; along with lesser-known titles we believe everyone should experience. We’re privileged to have done well with 2064 and will use our position in the industry; to shine a spotlight on other queer creators making a positive mark on the world.”

said Cade Peterson, interim CEO, MidBoss.

Queer Games Bundle 2 will be available at the special 50% discount until Nov. 30 before settling at its permanent 15% off. The first Queer Games Bundle is currently available on Steam at a 15% discount. Steam automatically adjusts the price of bundles for owners of games in the bundle; so they can round out their collection.