Throwdown Esports & Predator Partnership for PUBG OCE Open Series

OCE Open Series will be a qualifier for the $250k Predator League finals in Thailand.

$15k prize pool and qualification for OCE Open Series winners.

 Throwdown Esports, Oceania’s leading esports community for grassroots to professional gamers, announced today they have partnered with Predator to be the major sponsor of their new esports tournament, the Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown Esports.

As well as becoming the sponsor for the event; the Predator partnership will also integrate the OCE Open Series; as a qualifier for the overarching Predator League finals in the APAC region. The finals are held in Bangkok, Thailand, with a huge prize pool of $250k to the winners.

“It is fantastic to have Predator partner with Throwdown Esports as a major sponsor for the OCE Open Series.  As well as being a highly respected brand within the esports community; having the OCE Open Series become a qualifier for the Predator League’s finals; provides a great opportunity for ANZ esports players and teams. They now have a chance to represent their region in the finals; and fight it out for a share of the $250k prize,”

said George Cordalis, Throwdown Esports Manager.

“We are proud to be partners with Throwdown Esports on the upcoming OCE Open Series. Acer’s Predator line has been evolving over the years with our gaming notebooks, desktops and monitors; to provide the best gaming hardware for the gaming and esports community. We encourage all players and teams to ‘summon their strength’ to qualify for our Predator League Finals.”

said Darren Simmons, Oceanic Managing Director of Acer Inc.

The Predator PUBG OCE Open Series

The Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown; is five-week tournament that will run from September 6 and will see hundreds of players compete; in the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG. Over 100 teams will register to take part in the competition; and watched by an audience of 400,000 passionate fans. Featuring two days of competition play each week; players will battle it out to earn their place among the twenty teams that will progress to the finals. The prize pool for the OCE Open series is AUD$15k.
PUBG OCE Open Series
The winners of the Predator PUBG OCE Open Series Powered by Throwdown; will also automatically qualify for the Predator League finals in Thailand; where they will represent the ANZ region and fight for a share of the $250k prize pool.
The new PUBG league comes hot on the heels of PUBG OCE Open Series’ successful Rocket League OCE Championship (RLOC) which ran from March to April this year. The RLOC saw an impressive 66% increase in viewership; reaching 2.1 million and notching up over 27,280,629 minutes of watch time (increase of 131.69%). It also achieved 178,558 unique views each week (increase of 142.46%).
PUBG, published and developed by PUBG Corp. is a last-player-standing action-packed battle royale experience; that drops 100 combatants onto one of three diverse maps; Erangel, Miramar and now, Sanhok. Starting with nothing, players must locate weapons, supplies and vehicles; in a tense battle to outwit and outfight opponents to become the last player, or squad standing.