PUBG Anti cheat system causing issues

It is no secret that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a massive cheater problem with up to 42 000 accounts banned per day. Earlier this month, Bluehole apologized for the cheater problem and vowed to implement new tools to detect and verify any players with “unusual gameplay patterns.” One of these tools recently added seems to be causing performance issues.

The PUBG dev team received so many reports that there is now a dedicated thread on the games’ subreddit for players to report their issue. The main issue seems to be a 20% performance drop in some cases – and this isn’t on the test servers, it’s on the main servers. According to users, the issue is a result of the anti-cheat system, Themida.

Most of the reports indicate that the game freezes for up to two seconds when trying to loot either one or more bodies, or even loot crates.

“Attempting to loot more than one player box now results in one of the most choppiest experiences imaginable.”
“This. I’m experiencing much lower FPS, and it’s incredibly annoying. Tabbing when there are 2 or more player boxes within range is a nightmare. It completely freezes my game for 2 seconds and the looting is super ultra slow.”
“Nice to hear I am not alone. Same here dude, freezes of 2-3 secs when trying to loot. Insane.”
“Same shit here… since the last update i lost about 20fps during the game, and the 2/3 players lootings is completely impossible.”

A tweet from the developer confirmed that they are aware of the issues and working on resolving it. In case you’ve thought your system was underpowered to play the game, then don’t make the mistake to purchase the GTX 1080 Ti or some such thing to improve performance – it will not resolve the issue. You’ll notice in the thread that players with the best possible rig also complain of massive performance loss.