Project Cars 2 VR Review – a thrilling driving experience

Project CARS 2 is the second installment in the motorsport franchise developed by Slightly Mad Studios.
As one would hope with second installments, it features much more than its predecessor. There are over 180 licensed cars from the most iconic brands 63 track locations. Project Cars 2 also introduces rallycross and ice racing modes.

Project Cars 2 - Ford Focus RX
The new rallycross tracks enable you to unleash your inner hoonigan.

With my review I have focued solely on the Virtual Reality experience. As a VR gamer, Project Cars 1 still is one of my favorite experiences and thankfully Project Cars 2 is just as great. I’ve spent the majority of Project Cars 2 in the Oculus Rift with driving assists off. When coupled with a racing chair and steering wheel with force feedback, it becomes an incredible immersive experience.
One new feature adding to immersion is LiveTrack 3.0. This provides environmental simulations that affect vehicle performance. Circuit conditions are preserved throughout the entirety of your practice, qualifying and race sessions. Any rubber on the track from practice will still be there come race day. Even the temperature of the track can be altered by the angle of the sun!

A newly developed Competitive Racing Licence places users into games with players of similar competitiveness and professionalism. Experience, conduct and success combine to form your Competitive Racing Licence which can be used to gain entry to prestigious esports events.
Custom Races and Private testing modes provide a host of options that allows you to create anything from a 3 lap, single class, quick race to a full-blown, multi-class race weekend with Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions of up to 24 Hours.
The career mode has been designed to be an accurate representation of a driver’s career path. Drivers can focus on one discipline through all 6 Tiers, or follow the real-world progress of drivers as they medley their way through various disciplines and motorsport types.

Project Cars 2 Photo Capture
Photo mode allows you to capture all the glory

Whilst the game doesn’t hold your hand too much in your early races, it does provide an incredibly large amount of assist options and abilities to stream line your experience. Pit strategies and career garage troubleshooting can be as detailed as you want them to be. The car tuning assistance was handy, as the suggested improvements are presented in the form of question and answer investigation. The full details are also there for the more experienced racers to play with.
Project Cars 2 is an incredibly solid driving simulator. It is a must buy for any VR PC Gamers.
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