Your Pokemon Oceania Internationals Run Down!

Guest post - Will Dube

Many hard battles were fought out today in the world of Pokemon, with the Pokemon Oceania Internationals being held in Sydney, Australia over the weekend.

With a huge international attendance, it was a full-on weekend for all Masters, Seniors, and Juniors competing.

At the end of the 8 rounds, over 180 Masters battled it out to make the top cut. Issac Lam from New Zealand took the cake with an impressive 8/0/0 wins out of the 8 rounds.

Pokémon Oceania Internationals

But these results weren’t final, as they still had to prove their strengths and battle the top cut.

Final Standings

Alessio Yuri Boschetto [Italy]  won the Masters top cut, winning him 500 CP and $5,000 in prize money. Alessio’s team consisted of;  Amoonguss, Zapdos, Landorus-Therian, Tapu Lele, Tyranitar, and Metagross.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Jans Arne Mækinen [Norway] placed second at the end of the series, with the prize money being $2,500 and 400 CP. Jan’s team was a; Metagross, Landorus-Therian, Nidoking, Rotom-Wash, Togekiss and a Tyranitar.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Isaac Lam [New Zealand] came an impressive 3rd place, despite initially placing 1st after the 8 rounds with a score of 8/0/0. His efforts were rewarded with $1,500 and 320 CP. His team was Gyarados, Cresselia, Landorus-Therian, Tapu Koko, Incineroar and Tsareena.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Ashton Cox [USA] placed 4th, winning 320 CP and $1,500. Using his team of Salamence, Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, Aegislash, Amoonguss, and Tyranitar.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Alberto Lara [USA] placed 5th, winning 250 CP and $1,000. Alberto used Charizard, Celesteela, Landorus-Therian, Tapu Koko, Gothitelle, and Snorlax.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Placing 6th place was, Nico Davide Cognetta [Italy] winning 250 CP and $1,000, using Gengar, Cresselia, Heatran, Tapu Bulu, Hitmontop, and Kommo-o.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Javier Valdes [Chile] placed 7th winning 250 CP and $1,000 using Metagross, Nihilego, Scrafty, Gastrodon, Volcarona, and Weavile.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Luke Curtale [Australia] representing Australia, placed 8th and won 250 CP and $1,000, using; Metagross, Tyranitar, Tapu Fini, Landorus-Therian, Zapdos, and Amoonguss.
Pokémon Oceania Internationals

Pokemon Usage Statistics!

In the top 8, there was a variety of Pokemon used, but there were a few Pokemon each player just couldn’t help but use.

Pokémon Oceania Internationals
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Landorus-Therian is a really strong pick and has been for a few years, so it isn’t a surprise to see it at the top for another season.

Watch all 3 days of vods on the official Pokemon on Twitch!

Day one

Watch 2018 Pokémon Oceania International Championships – VGC Day 1 from Pokemon on

Day two

Watch 2018 Pokémon Oceania International Championships – VGC Day 2 from Pokemon on

Day three

Watch 2018 Pokémon Oceania International Championships – TCG Finals from Pokemon on

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