Pokemon GO lives on with new update!

Something Exciting is Coming on the 20th of January! HINT: It’s not my birthday!
Apparently, contrary to popular belief, Pokémon Go is still very much “a thing”. Although it is true that the active daily users have dropped by five times, from 28.5 million users to a mere 5 million in the US daily, Pokémon Go are still releasing awesome updates and events to keep their users active.
The most recent update is the release of 50 Pokémon from the Hoenn Region that have never been seen before in Pokémon Go. With this comes the introduction of a new dynamic weather system which effects the way users discover, catch and interact with Pokémon. You no longer have to stay inside on those rainy days, as your chance of catching a water Pokémon will greatly increase if you grab your gumboots, your umbrella and embrace the stormy weather. Other Pokémon types are also affected by the range of weather conditions, as well as certain attack types – so now there is no excuse not to go Pokémon hunting and about 50 great excuses to reinstall Pokémon Go!

In addition to new gameplay and new Pokémon, Niantic are now running Pokémon Go Community Days every month. These days give local trainers the opportunity to meet up with and make new friends in their local parks and experience the purpose of Pokemon Go in full. The first will be on my birthday, January 20, 2018. Pop this date in to your calendar, not only to send me well wishes, but to head outside (in rain, hail or shine) and catch yourself very special Pikachu. Everyone who attends the first Pokémon Go community day between Midday and 3:00pm will be able to capture a Pikachu boasting and exclusive event move – Surf.
Every community day moving forward will feature other special Pokémon with their own Community Day exclusive moves. To see more information and receive updates for future Community Days, head to Pokemon Go’s official Events Site