Planetarium: Primordial. Expand Your Planetarium Universe!

Primordial, an expansion for Planetarium; the beautiful strategy board game where players create their own unique solar system.

The cold of space. The fires of creation.  Planetarium is an award-winning strategy game of creating your own solar system. Primordial, the new expansion launching September 4 on Kickstarter; will add two new modes to the game, Epochs and Frost Line.
Epochs extends the play time of Planetarium; by starting with a solar system in its infancy, and includes the Late Heavy Bombardment; to wipe and re-distribute the evolution track; for a more epic experience!
Frost Line allows High and Low Evolution cards to be played within; or beyond the frost line to accrue Heat or Cold tokens. These tokens earn extra points; but can be melted or cooled off cards; when planets move around the solar system.

Primordial launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 4 at 11AM EST.We hope to see you there!

New to Planetarium? You can also pick up the base game at a great, Kickstarter-only price!

About Planetarium

In Planetarium a new and unique solar system will be forged; from the swirling mass of matter that orbits its star. Players will take part in this creation, moving tokens to simulate gravity and the accretion of matter; crashing it onto planets that have begun to form. Cards will be played that evolve each planet in significant and varied ways; from scorching one into a barren waste, to transforming another into a potential nursery for life. Planets also migrate in their orbits, and each game ends with a completely unique system.
Planetarium is designed for growing families, science-lovers and hobby gamers. Simple rules combine with interesting and challenging game play. The thematic elements of the game have been developed with an eye on the science; led by a scientist working on NASA’s search for life on Mars; and are complimented with stunning and original artworks.