Pixel Party is turning 1 and you’re invited to the party!

Just over a year ago a group of local aussie gamers got togeather to create a gaming community and ended up creating an all-inclusive, welcoming and fun community for everyone to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable expressing their love of anything, be it games, art, music or whatever they are into!


Since then, Pixel Party has held 4 picnics, 4 convention meetups including PAX Australia 2017 and RTX Sydney 2018 , 4 Pixel Party Movie screenings and are celebrating their 1st birthday this Saturday with their 5th Pixel Party Picnic this August with 4 community members flying into Sydney attend.

We’ve achieved so much as a team and we couldn’t have done it without the support from the amazing gaming community here in Australia.”
–  Lewis Vaughan/@pikalew (Core team member)

This will be Pixel Party’s first event as the first partnered community channel on Mixer in ANZ, and is Mixer first community event in Australia & is sponsored by AK Racing with giveaways including Mixer & Xbox goodies as well as an AK Racing chair.

“This is a big deal for me, seeing something that was just an idea in my head (that I wasn’t sure would even work) come to life over the last year has been nothing short of amazing!

This will be Pixel Party’s first event as the first partnered community channel on Mixer in ANZ, which is super exciting!

Lewis Vaughan/@pikalew (Core team member)

“This is a big deal for the team, we’ve all worked so hard to make Pixel Party be an open circle for the pop culture and gaming community and this picnic is a celebration of that.”
– Katherine (Kitty) Crea/@kittycanteven (Core team member)

More information about the event:


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