Pharaoh’s sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods changes, Plus more – Runescape update

A new set of patches is released weekly across Runescape 3. It is amazing how much Jagex keep up with updates across new and old school Runescape.

Let’s jump in and see exactly what updates they have made this week.
1: You are now able to use noted artifacts to recharge the Pharaoh’s sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods.

2: Added Enchanted Gem packs to the Slayer store for 75 gold a box. Each box contains 50 noted enchanted gems with a base stock of 5 boxes that restock at midnight.

3: Buy limits per 4 hours are now displayed for the item being viewed on the Grand Exchange interface.

4: Added skillcape perk icons to the tooltip of the max and completionist capes.

5: The coal bag, gem bag, enhanced gem bag and spirit gem bag can now be used on a bank deposit box to empty it’s content directly into your bank.

6: Friend chats can now be added to a Favourites Chats menu through the addition of a favourite chats button beside the chat settings button in the Friend Chat interface. Players can store up to 5 Favourite Chats within the menu.

There are a tonne more patch notes on the forum besides the super notable ones above, if you would like to read more head to:,16,442,66000433

Use the quick find code: 15-16-442-66000433