New Phantom Doctrine Story Trailer released for E3

Phantom Doctrine is expected to launch later this year.

Good Shepherd Entertainment and indie developer CreativeForge Games have released a new story and gameplay trailer for Phantom Doctrine. The turn-based tactical Cold War espionage game coming to Windows PC and two new platforms confirmed today; the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.

 Phantom Doctrine is an alternate history thriller in which players lead The Cabal, a secret organisation fighting back against a global conspiracy committed to controlling the world. Develop your base of operations in the shadows then:

  • Investigating cases
  • training agents
  • forging documents and identities
  • researching new tech, and interrogating and
  • brainwashing enemies for strategic advantage.

Campaign missions encourage player choice with a variety of unique encounters – drop your operatives into the field with heavy weapons for an all-out siege, or deploy them incognito for a quieter stealth assault.

For more information, check out their website here, and follow @PhantomDoctrine and @GoodShepherdEnt on Twitter.