People are starting to pay attention to professional female gamers thanks to investors

Thanks to investors in China, the country is seeing a rise in female professional gamers and teams.
According to the 2017 Newzoo esports report, the industry is expected to generate up to $700 million of revenue in 2017. Given that figure, it makes sense that investors would want to become involved in esports given its huge potential.
Part of this potential, of course, are the female gamers. In this case, the professional female gamers. If you’ve watched enough esports, it’s obvious that it is (currently) a male-dominated sport. This isn’t a new thing and one can draw definitely parallels with stereotypes from traditional sports.
With women making up half the world’s population as well as 46% of all Australian gamers (according to the 2018 Digital Australia Report), it makes sense that female gamers are finally getting their share of stage time in professional esports tournaments.
According to this piece by Quartz that primarily focuses on team LLG (Love Laughing Girls), the team is managed like any other male team with their own team house, managers and a strict training regime. It helps a lot that the team is backed by Wang Jing, a successful female entrepreneur who has poured millions of yuan into esports.
We managed to find a livestream of the LLG match on Twitch for those who want to watch:
Watch live video from CyberGamesArena on
We look forward to seeing the growth of all-female esports teams over time. They’ll be great additions to existing teams like LLG, Kings, Dark Sided and Ravens. It can only add more to a bustling industry whose community, contributors and spectators are a great mix of both male and female.
Images: Cyber Games Arena
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