Pearlbrook, the First Expansion for Everdell, Comes to Kickstarter Sep. 10

Dive in, the water’s fine! Pearlbrook, the First Expansion for Everdell

Return to the magical world of Everdell with Pearlbrook; the first expansion for the critically-acclaimed game of worker placement, tableau building, and adorable critters!
Players will explore a new underwater society below Everdell’s Pearlbrook River. It introduces a new side board, the River board; where you’ll send your Frog Ambassador to gather a new resource, Pearls! You’ll also encounter new aquatic critters and constructions. Collect enough pearls and you can construct fabulous Wonders and Adornments to make your city the pride of Everdell!
Did you miss out on the first Kickstarter campaign? You can also pick up the beautiful Collector’s Edition at a great Kickstarter price along with the expansion!

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