PAX Aus Schedule is released!

More panels than you can shake a Pinny Arcade pin at!

PAX Aus draws ever closer, and that means we finally get a look at the schedule! Three days of chock-a-block panels from the morning all the way into the night, long after the convention floor has closed. The schedule is live right now on the website and the PAX app (there’s no longer a dedicated PAX Aus app, by the way! You need the generalized PAX app!), and there’s a LOT of content!

There are panels covering pretty much every topic you could imagine, panels about games culture, how to make games and break into the industry, panels about streaming, games culture, diversity and even a panel with sock puppets!

But the full schedule isn’t even out yet, so maybe it’s best not to make any solid plans until it’s announced. There’s still a heap of spots on the schedule that are marked as ‘secret’, and no word when they’ll be officially announced or what they’ll be, but they’ll probably be absolutely amazing either way.

The other thing we’re still waiting on is the exhibitor list, but I’m sure that won’t be too far away now that the schedule is out, either. But it’s certainly a good way to build the hype! I’m gonna be on the edge of my seat for the rest of the month and it’s going to be very uncomfortable.

Stay tuned though, we’ll be bringing you all the updates as well as all kinds of PAX coverage!

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