PAX Aus: Day 1 Highlights

Welcome to the first day of the nerd and geekery that is PAX Aus!
Day 1 has been so exciting and you could really tell from the energetic crowd that was lining up to enter the exhibition centre.

FIFA18 Charity Tournament

What happens when you pit YouTube stars against A-league pros? A very entertaining charity tournament! The tournament raised money for Checkpoint, a charity that focuses on improving mental health and well-being with the help of games.
Watch a snippet of the tournament here:

Amazing cosplay

Here’s just a small selection of cosplay action from PAX. Keep an eye out on Sunday for our full Cosplay Gallery ????

The Platform Paradigms Panel

If you’re a console gamer who wants to know more about the future of console gaming, check out our summary of the Platform Paradigms Panel. The panellists are all experienced console gamers, streamers and journalists who had fantastic insights to share.

The panel

Our panel was a big hit with the panel answering the most burning questions from content creators about sponsorships. We’ve shared a livestream of the panel and a summary of Top 10 Advice from it over here.

Stay tuned to this weekend for the latest and greatest of PAX. We’ll have up-to-the-minute news, latest reviews and real-time highlights from around the exhibit hall, panels and tournaments!