Giant Margarita’s Party Crashers is out now and will be at PAX Aus

Party Crashers the fast-paced last-car-standing combat racing game is out now on Nintendo Switch™, Playstation®4, and Steam!

Party Crashers is inspired by decades of racing games including Wrecked, Mashed, Micro Machines, and Super Sprint; and as a spiritual successor to the almost infinitely customisable Party Golf; brings new ways for friends to battle for the ultimate victory on the race track. Up to 4 players compete to overcome the game’s fast-paced physics, huge collection of weapons, and some weird and very unrace-like obstacles along the way (are they… Bananas?!).

So grab some mates, grab your controllers, and come and try the endless gameplay combinations; that will stretch friendships and definitely cause some shouting along the way.

Party Crashers was created as a competitive couchplay game for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. With over a trillion gameplay combinations to try, there’s definitely something in Party Crashers for every player.

“We are super excited to bring this fast-paced style of racing game to a modern audience; and keen to see what players can create with all our options. We look forward to seeing new players share the yells of excitement and frustration we love so much!”

says Party Crashers’ Lead Game Designer, Ian Lewis 

Party Crashers was created by the small team of Giant Margarita, located in Tasmania, Australia.

To learn more please visit the game’s official website

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