Paris bid team proposes esports as a medal event for 2024 Olympics

Earlier this year, competitive gaming was confirmed as a medal sport for the 2022 Asian Games. This month, the Paris bid team stated an interest in esports for the 2024 Olympics as well.
More recently, an IOC official has confirmed that non-violent games will be ruled out if esports is to be included in the Olympics. It makes sense that the IOC would want to focus on games that are non-violent given the aim of the Olympics is to promote peace and sportsmanship.
It should be noted though that violent titles are still set to be played at events such as the 2022 Asian Games, an event recognised by the IOC and is the second biggest sports event after the Olympics.
While the Olympic committee has ruled out violent games and in turn, some of the most popular competitive titles, there seems to be a big opportunity for esports to be recognised as a mainstream sport.
Image: The Olympic Museum
H/T Slingshot Esports and The Guardian