More Paladins Announcements from HRX 2018

After a 2017 packed full of new Paladins content, Hi-Rez Studios announced plans to keep the content rolling in 2018.

With the already huge announcement of Paladins: Battlegrounds coming from Hi-Rez Expo 2018. Hi-Rez Studios have announced even more content coming out as early as next week (10th of January for PC Users). Check out all the details below:

New Champion:

Paladins’ 35th Champion, Moji. This magical Flank introduces a new species to the Realm, the Leipori. She rides a summoned two-headed dragon into battle, feeding it snacks to reload its magical energy

New game mode:

Team Deathmatch. The only objective is slaying in this new game mode, which comes with a new map: Trade District.

New mount type:

Battle Cats. The first battle cat mount, the Primal Prowler, is exclusively available free to Twitch Prime members. Twitch Prime members will also get a Twitch Prime King Bomb King skin, and other bonus content.

New mobile game:

Paladins Strike. Still in development, Paladins Strike is a hero shooter, but with controls of a MOBA and an top-down view and interface refined for mobile. Players can sign up for testing at

Paladins World Champhionship

The first-ever Paladins World Championship and Console Wars run through Sunday, 7th of Jaunary 2018. Teams participating include: Virtus Pro, G2, Kanga esports and many others.
Watch the action live on TwitchFacebookMixer, and YouTube.