OWL Week 2 Day 2: #burnblue

Throughout each week we will pick out the best players to watch out for in the upcoming matches. A lot of these choices will be based on my bang average analysis, with the help of the impact rating and MVP system (these are the points mentioned throughout) provided by Winston’s Lab. Make sure to follow @gotogame on Twitter so you can watch out for the next edition of Ones to Watch!
If you’re a keen fan of the OWL, this is without a doubt the day you’re most looking forward to this week. Not because the best teams and players in the league are competing, but the three matches on show will be the most interesting in determining the makeup of the leagues ladder. I can also confidently say that I am going to get A LOT of the predictions wrong here, and am already preparing my excuses for tomorrows feature.

Match 1: Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

Although considered a fan favourite for their fantastic social media, team blue has been all but convincing on stage. Suffering two painful losses so far in week 1, they’ll be raring to bounce back into action and put a W on the board. The Outlaws being in a same position, showed they mean business with their match against the Shanghai Dragon’s with a convincing 4-0 win yesterday.
Although the Outlaws played well against tough competition and my prediction, I’m going to pick the Fuel as winners. Even though they ended Week 1 0-2, they took a game against the faultless Seoul Dynasty, and will be out for blood. In saying that however, it’ll be close, and definitely one to watch.
My prediction: Dallas Fuel 2 – 1 Houston Outlaws

Match 2: New York Excelsior vs Los Angeles Valiant

Another cracker of a match for today’s schedule, with two premier teams going head to head. Both left week Week 1 2 – 0 and without a doubt will want to leave Week 2 3 – 0 while they chase the Seoul Dynasty as the midpoint of Stage 1 approaches.
I don’t think any player can be the key influence for either team, but it needs to be a full team performance for them to get victory. If either team does not have a precise and practised game plan for each of the 4 maps, they will leave disappointed. This will not be the hardest part however, as these players will understand the importance of this match, as it will separate their squad from the pack leading into the business end of Stage 1.
It’s hard to say who will take out this match, and I’m scared to even predict a team knowing that I’ll probably get it wrong. All in all, LA Valiant are the winners in my book due to their record having more value due to their opponents. I personally believe New York are only 2 – 0 because of their favoured schedule, and I can’t see them maintain their current position throughout the rest of Stage 1, I invite them to prove me wrong.
My prediction: New York Excelsior 1 – 3 Los Angeles Valiant

Match 3: Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators

To close off our Friday action, we’ll see two more mid table Gladiators (ha) fight it out in a bold attempt to rise the ladder, with the Gladiators only holding their higher position at this stage due to their game attempt, as they feature again over the weekend. As harsh as it is to say, I think this match will pan out exactly as it seems, a rough slugfest where raw talent will push one team over the edge to add a victory to their talent.
My pick for this match is going to be purely based off of each team’s current W on the board. Fusion have taken a win thus far over the Houston Outlaws, with the Gladiators recording a win against the Shanghai Dragons. As a result, I’m picking the Fusion as winning, not only for dogging the boys in yesterday’s prediction, but because they realistically are the stronger team on paper, which I see translating into the match result. In saying that, any victory in this match is going to be a hard fought one, both in play and score.
My prediction: Philadelphia Fusion 3 – 2 Los Angeles Gladiators
Do you agree or disagree with my predictions and ones to watch? Let me know who you’re rooting for in the games we’ll see today, and make sure to keep up with all the OWL action at