OWL Week 2 Day 1: The Start of a Dynasty

The second week of the world’s shiniest new esports league is fast approaching, and everyone is excited to once again see the best players on Overwatch’s biggest ever stage. With the next match just around the corner. There are a few players to watch out for, and these are the ones we think you should keep your eye on. Welcome to our newest series, “Ones To Watch”.
Throughout each week we will pick out the best players to watch out for in the upcoming matches. A lot of these choices will be based on my bang average analysis, with the help of the impact rating and MVP system (these are the points mentioned throughout) provided by Winston’s Lab. To kick it off today, we’ll just be focusing for the matches coming in the next 24 hours, so make sure to follow @gotogame on Twitter so you can watch out for the next edition of Ones to Watch!

Match 1: San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion

Both teams had what most would call a decent week 1, both picking up one win and one loss against top and bottom of the table teams respectively. I think it’s fair to say that both of these teams should be expecting to end the first Stage in the middle of the table, and really focus on the long term.
The player I’m picking to watch is this match is Nevix. Although he only scored 1085 in the Shock’s winning series against the Shanghai Dragon’s, his D.Va was a force to be reckoned with. Spending the majority of the series on it, he bossed the map and I’ll be looking for him to do it again.
My prediction: SFS 3 – 1 PHI

Match 2: Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty

At what most would consider the ‘opposite sides of the spectrum’, this match should end with a result that will be all but surprising. Having not dropped a single match to date, the Korean Dynasty will be looking to become just that, and I would not be surprised if their preparation leading up to this match includes them avoiding complacency. Would I like to see Florida win? Of course. Is it going to happen? Misfits almost beat SKT at the League of Legends Worlds last year, so I guess anything can happen.

“Having not dropped a single match to date, the Korean Dynasty will be looking to become just that”

One to keep your eye on is the Dynasty’s ryujehong, the dominant support who recorded a stunning 1624 MVP rating for their match against the Dallas Fuel whilst playing Ana. Florida will either have to pool their efforts to shut him down, or deal with the Mayhem (sorry) that he will unleash.
My prediction: FLA 0 – 4 SEO

Match 3: Houston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons

This is the match I am looking forward to most. These two teams had rough matchups in the first work of play, having to go against teams already looking at podium finishes, and then playing teams who are trying to prove they aren’t just ‘mid-table fillers’. I can personally confirm that no one wants to ever be the last team on a league table, it just doesn’t feel great. The 12 players lining up for this match have the opportunity to not have to deal with that feeling, and we can be sure none of them will want to be.
Unfortunately, none of the players who competed for either franchise in this first four games of competition earned an MVP spot, so this time round I’ll be picking someone from the lot. My eyes are going to be on uNdeAD, who’s sharpshooting and quick reactions can turn any fight around to take out a map. Although the Week 1 result against the San Francisco Shock may not have been the win the Dragon’s were looking for, he placed top of his team in impact rating (1080) and pressured the Shock into a few uncomfortable positions before eventually crumbling.
My prediction: Shanghai Dragons 3 – 1 Houston Outlaws
This is definitely the toughest prediction, and although these teams are hard to separate on paper, I can see the Dragon’s pulling something out and taking the W.
Do you agree or disagree with my predictions and ones to watch? Let me know who you’re rooting for in the 3 games we’ll see today, and make sure to keep up with all the OWL action at