Orogenesis Overview

Orogenesis, a turn-based exploration-focused adventure set in a strange world. Nostalgic flashbacks with a twist of nightmarish cosmic horrors! Read on for an overview.

Story of Orogenesis

A mountain uproots from the ground, and with it rains four powerful orbs from the sky. The world twists and malformed with the birth of this mountain, and within the dreams of all of its denizens lies a dark cosmic horror. The player takes control of “Dude”, simply described as a fat unproductive stoner. Tasked with gathering the four genesis orbs and unlocking the secrets to the mountain, you adventure alongside your “funky fresh weirdos”, Pipe and Tea, to conquer the troubling terrain of the world.

Orogenesis characters

About Orogenesis

Orogenesis follows the same vein as other popular indie RPGs. It hopes to take modern ideas and flip them on their heads. The retro art style aims to capture the spirit of older games and bringing them back to a day where gaming was much simpler.

About the Developer

Orogenesis is developed by Samu. Samu previously made the game Mothlight and a comic, Blackseed, It is Samu’s dream to be a poor person barely living off the games and comics he makes. To support Samu and his dream head over to Orogenesis’s Kickstarter page.

Where to Find It

You can give Orogenesis a try for yourself on PC. Get more info or support them through their Kickstarter page!

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