Orogenesis Demo Review

A Kickstarter Game

The Demo for Orogenesis contains 1/6th of the base game. I gave the demo a quick play through and was hit with a dose of nostalgia.

Orogenesis is a turn-based exploration-focused adventure. The game takes inspiration from modern ideas and incorporates its own imaginative twist derived straight from the nightmares of a child’s drawing book.


You take control of “Dude”, described only as a fat unproductive stoner fated with the task of gathering the four genesis orbs and unlocking the secrets of the mountain. Together with your friends, Pipe and Tea, your cast of “funky fresh weirdos” set out to conquer the troubling terrain of the world.

Orogenesis characters


Orogenesis is a game that has a large focus on exploration. The demo throws you straight into the game with no assistance or instructions. Once you work out the controls for movement and action, you’ll receive orders to make your way to the pub.

Making your way through the different maps, you’ll begin meeting the quirky characters within the game. While exploring you’ll also be able to collect items like crystals and potions, this will help you in battle later.

The lack of instructions at the start of the game left me stranded at times. Even managing to get myself knocked out by a stack of meat and having to restart the entire game unaware that there was a saving option.

However, for a game still in the early stages of development, the gameplay rarely lagged and once I worked out the controls there was an interesting storyline that was easy to follow.

Sound and Music

The music in Orogenesis gave an interesting sense of throwback with a mix of grotesque feel. This actually fits in perfectly with the overall nightmarish theme that the developer was aiming for.


The game has a gorgeous ‘retro art style’ overworld, this brings players back to those nostalgic Pokemon days. Battles in-game present players with a mixture of adorable and hideous enemies.

Orogenesis battle

Final Thoughts

Orogenesis definitely has potential. Through the short amount of gameplay, I was able to experience in the demo, the storyline was interesting and the graphics were a nice mix of retro and imaginative horror. Although there is much room for improvement, the game is still under development and it’ll be interesting to see what else the developers will come up with for Orogenesis.

Where to try Orogenesis

You can give Orogenesis a try for yourself on PC. Get more info and support them through their Kickstarter page!

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