Orange Ocelot goes to Nashville for the World Pokemon Championships

On August 24-26th, Orange Ocelot (Max 10 years old) will compete at his second World Pokemon Championships!

Last year Orange Ocelot made headlines by crowdfunding his way to his first world competition and becoming Australia’s youngest signed esports athlete.

This year, he represents one of Australia’s top tier esports teams, Tainted Minds who are more famous for their csgo and Call of Duty teams on the world stage, signed Max earlier this year as a Junior content creator.

In his second year attending the Wold Pokemon Championships, Orange has qualified for a ‘day 2 invite’, meaning he bypasses the first day of competition and will compete only with the top competitors from around the world. Orange is currently ranked 6th in the Oceania region. He plays VGC (played on a 3DS) in the Junior age group.

Orange Ocelot

“I’m excited to go back to America again, to see my Pokemon friends and have fun competing! I hope they have the Pokemon Centre shop again so I can get more plushies”.

Said when asked about his second world tournament, Orange Ocelot

Orange Ocelot, who has help from his mum Jacqueline; (Founder of startup GGWP) has reached a few highs in this past year. He started live streaming Fortnite / Overwatch / Roblox weekly on Youtube; attending events like PAX and RTX; collaborating with other high profile streamers and was featured on Good Game Spawn Point (ABC) in June. He’s reached 8K views, 625 Subscribers and has a great community of other kid gamers; surrounding and supporting him on all platforms.

First year of content creation

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