One Week Ultimate Werewolf is LIVE on Kickstarter

Welcome, guests, to the Kickstarter launch of One Week Ultimate Werewolf!

Please come in and explore this brand new board game inspired by our One Night social deduction series; and designed by Ted Alspach.
In One Week Ultimate Werewolf you’ll venture into Ludwig Castle. Discovering the unique rooms and attempting to uncover the mystery of who among you is secretly a werewolf! You’ll need to use all the powers at your disposal; to investigate your friends, the Castle staff, and even yourself, because you never know for sure who might have switched your role…
After a week of investigation, it comes down to a vote! Can the villagers catch those sneaky werewolves, or will they manage to bluff their way to safety?
With more than a dozen unique rooms to choose from, every game of One Week Ultimate Werewolf will allow you to explore different strategies, with the winners leaving their permanent mark in the Guest Registry included in the game!
One Week Ultimate Werewolf can be played with 3-7 guests, and takes about 45 minutes to play. Find out more about the game on Kickstarter here, and pledge for your very own copy!
One Week Ultimate Werewolf

Join us for a LIVE tour, if you dare…

To celebrate the launch, we’re running a livestream of One Week Ultimate Werewolf at 6pm EST! Join all of us on YouTube to learn how to play, and watch the Bézier Games team bluff and backstab their way to a win!
You’ll also be able to ask us any questions you have about the campaign; or just pester Ted with random questions like what his favourite colour is. We hope to see you there!
One Week Ultimate Werewolf