OlliOlli: Switch Stance Review

OlliOlli: Switch Stance is the pairing of both OlliOlli titles into a single launch on Nintendo Switch.
Originally published in 2014 by Roll7, the 2D Skateboarding game series has earned critical acclaim with over 75 awards and nominations and millions of downloads. OlliOlli: Switch Stance boasts 120 tricks to master across 50 levels, 250 challenges.

The gameplay

The core gameplay is deceptively simple. Traverse a 2D environment on a skateboard, rack up the highest score possible and tick off a number of objectives along the way. Fans of classic era Tony Hawk Pro Skater will feel instantly at home.
Complexity is created with the expansion of the ‘Tricktionary’ with later levels. OlliOlli combo system includes Manuals, Reverts, Revert Manuals and Grind Switching to allow users to link tricks into insane, deft defying combos and near limitless opportunity to smash leader boards and objectives. The Tricktionary has also been expanded with new specials to surprise and entertain fans of the games from other consoles.

Mastering the game

Mastery of each level is the aim of the game. Many will find themselves repeating levels again and again, desperate to turn that great run into perfection.
Each run requires impeccable timing, as mastery of tricks and landing require not only perfect execution but the linking of effects, the timing of landings and level knowledge. One poor landing will undo the hundreds of tricks combined for that potential picture perfect execution.
At its core, this is where OlliOlli: Switch Stance shines. It is a game that can easily be picked up for five to ten minutes at a time, but the strive for perfection will have you hooked. It works wonderfully on a portable device.

Final thoughts

With both games being out on various platforms for nearly 4 years now, the most important question to ask is simply “Should I play this again on Nintendo Switch?”
Yes. Yes, you should.