Oh…Sir, This is not a great game. – Switch Review

‘Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator’ and ‘Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast’ are interesting games that cater to the party game market with witty humour and insults for the whole family to enjoy, sort of. The games take an odd start and throw you right in to the tutorial stage explaining how the game works. After the tutorial you can choose which character you want to play and what stage you want to fight on. These can vary from locations such as lakes or libraries.

In its simplest form the player can play against another ‘human’ or the CPU taking turns in creating a sentence that is the most insulting. The phrases you can create are typically unfunny and definitely cater towards a younger more childish audience with simpler forms of humour. You knock out your opponent’s health after completing a sentence – the more insulting the more damage it does. The winner is the first person to knock out the other. The other game mode is a tournament mode which has the player play on a variety of stages one after the other without break to see how far you can go. This is a little more engaging as it requires a little more skill to pull of successfully, so for those of you more mature gamers out there I’d recommend playing this game mode.
It isn’t a very compelling game and had me switching to something else after about 10-15 minutes. The ‘Hollywood Roast’ counterpart is essentially the same game however the settings and characters are different – they are based on famous actors and actresses.
These games might be a bit of fun for the couple of dollars they are but don’t expect anything more than a simple party game seemingly aimed at a younger audience – there isn’t much substance here.
Score: 3/10 – Painfully slow, unengaging however makes good use of the Switch’s control scheme(s).