Rare Nintendo Playstation sells for $360,000 at auction!

There is only a single Nintendo x Sony Playstation console. Recently, the prototype sold to a lucky new owner, for a staggering $360,000, but that was still less than a lot of collectors had originally speculated.

Console collectors had expected the console to sell for a lot more than $300,000. Back in 2019, the original owner of the extremely rare console had told Kotaku he had turned down over $1,000,000 from a console collector in Norway who had originally wanted to buy the Sony x Nintendo collaboration. But on Friday, collectors were supprised as only a single bid was made for the (still staggering) price of $360,000.

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The original owner, Terry Diebold, has had the console for a few years, taking it to many conventions and showing collectors before finally selling it onto an auction website, Heritage Auctions, in hopes of making a small fortune.

Diebold originally got ahold of the console through searching inside a box of things owned by Former Sony CEO, Olaf Olafsson, after the new company they both worked at went bankrupt and a whole bunch of things being privately auctioned off, Diebold was able to claim the one of a kind console!

This console has had an interesting past, with it only being able to be turned on for the first time 4 years ago, through years of fixing by YouTuber, Ben Heck, showcasing the videos fixing up the console on his channel.

The buyer of the console has been revealed as founder, Greg McLemore. McLemore has told Forbes that he intends to loan the rare console to the University of Southern California’s Pacific Asia Museum, for an exhibit which will showcase the Asian influence on the video games industry.

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