Newzoo reports that the global games market will hit US$137.9 billion

It’s a great time to be in the gaming industry according to Newzoo’s latest data. There’s growth all over the place whether it’s mobile gaming, console gaming or on PC.
Newzoo’s 2018 Global Games Market report will hopefully be out soon. For now, there are plenty of eye-opening figures from their quarterly update. We’ve broken down the data into bite-sized snippets based on their relevant categories:

The global market generally

  • In 2018: 2.3 billion gamers will spend US$137.9 billion on games
  • 91% of the global market will be from digital game revenues at US$125.3 billion
  • Newzoo expects spending will grow to $180.1 billion by 2021

Mobile gaming

  • In 2018: Mobile revenue will hit US$70.3 billion (51% of the market)
  • 80% of revenue will be from smartphones and 20% from tablets
  • By 2021: Mobile is expected to grow to US$106.4 billion (59% of the market)

Console gaming

  • In 2018: Console gaming will earn US$34.6 billion (25% of the market)
  • By 2021: Console gaming will grow to US$39billion

PC gaming

  • In 2018: PC gaming will generate US$32.9 billion (24% of the market)
  • By 2021: PC gaming is expected to generate US$32.3 billion

Gaming in Asia-Pacific

  • In 2018: APAC will generate US$71.4 billion (52% of the market)
  • Also in 2018: Almost all of the revenue is from mobile with US$44.7 billion

Thoughts and insights

It’s not surprising to see that mobile gaming is growing the way it is. It’s primarily being driven by the APAC region because of countries like China and Japan. Not to mention, smartphone penetration is much much higher than that of gaming PCs and consoles.
It’d be interesting to know how much of the global games market is from other industries like esports, live events, gaming content and livestreaming. If esports continues to grow, we can only expect to see more stadiums coming up.