Female Omega Skin? Newest Fortnite Leaks!

Thanks to the highly credible leaker, TwoEpicBuddies on twitter, we are able to see the newest leaked Fortnite skins and Back Blings! Generally, most of TwoEpicBuddies leak photos release every few minutes, so this article will be updated every time we get news on a new skin.


In the newest leak we see 9 different skins, with a possible 4 sets of skins;

We have 2 robot skins, (assuming its a male and a female) a blue and an orange one
3 Different detectives, 2 males and a female
A female Omega Skin
and 3 American flag themes skins, the bear, a male and a female.
Fortnite Leaked Skins

Back Blings, Pickaxes and Gliders!

We also see from another photo leaked by TwoEpicBuddies 8 different back blings. There are definitely some robot, USA back blings and Detective ones

For Pickaxes, there are 4 different types and another 4 different gliders.

Backblings and GlidersThe Venturion cape is available to everyone with the Female or Male version of the skin!


We have 5 different dances that will be released, one with a sparkler, a KPOP dance, Kor Eagle, Bring it on and an Infinite Dab.

New Gun(s)?

Next week, we will be able to use the “Drum Gun” in game. The rarity is Green and Blue and will be an Assault Rifle

Audio leaks and the Rocket!

From the audio leaks and names of the files, it seems to have something to do with the big rocket that is currently near Snobby.

(The files are all in the .ogg file format)

Could we see something like the whole Tilted Towers meteor destruction? Could Tilted be obliterated??


Release Date predictions!

I have a strong feeling that the Sparkler, USA Back Bling’s and Skins will be released on July 4th, for America’s Independence Day. The rest of the skins will most likely see a release of 1 – 2 before July 4th and the rest will be spread out for the rest of July, as I don’t see EPIC creating any more skins for July.

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