A New Legend of Zelda Game Is In Development

Nintendo has confirmed that work on the next Legend of Zelda game has begun.
Series producer for the Legend of Zelda games, Eiji Aonuma, confirmed that development has started for an upcoming Zelda title in a note included in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Works, an official art-book dedicated to the game of the same name.
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The news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, given that work on Breath of the Wild began as soon Skyward Sword was completed in 2011.

Open World Concept To Continue

Both Aonuma and game director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, would like to continue the open world concept of Breath of the Wild, which means we are likely to enjoy the open-world freedom in the next Zelda game as well.
Speaking to IGN in an interview, Aonuma said:

You know, I can’t speak to what other people, other companies will do in their own games, but I think for me, especially just in terms of the Zelda series, the incredible freedom that this game offers you and how well that’s been received…to me, it means that freedom, that level of freedom is something that needs to be maintained in Zelda games going forward. My eyes have been opened to how important that is

While currently there aren’t many details surrounding the next title, fans can look forward to more Legend of Zelda in the near future.